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Cato Designs

After receiving her BA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from the University of Kentucky, Candace studied Metalsmithing and Art History at the Institute for European Studies in Florence, Italy. She then worked at the Phillips Collection and as an Art Director at the US Government Printing Office in Washington, DC, and at Doe-Anderson in Louisville Kentucky.

She has studied extensively abroad. She took courses in painting at the University of Aberdeen, etching at the Peacock Printmaking Studio in Aberdeen, Scotland and holds
a certificate in Interior Design from the KLC School of Design in London, life drawing courses at the Royal Academy and oil painting/mixed-media art at Saint Martins School of Art in London, England.

Candace’s “Butterfly Pegasus Specimens” are hand-painted using a variety of media, including watercolor, gouache, and FW Artists Inks. They are cut and mounted on Fabriano watercolor paper.

“What I enjoy most about creating these pieces is combining frivolity and beauty. I am a serious student of color —picking exactly the perfect hue, tint, shade, saturation and reflectivity —and pairing it with complementary and contrasting colors to achieve harmonies and contrasts that delight and amuse the eye.”

“I draw inspiration by studying butterflies and horses in nature, photos, illustrations and scientific journals, but I do not duplicate them. Each piece is inspired by nature, but unique as a snowflake.”