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Elizabeth Bohn - Large Venus Sculptures
Elizabeth Bohn - Large Venus Sculptures
$ 65.00

Elizabeth Bohn - Large Venus Sculptures


Sand, Gypsum, Cement, Colorant, Paint, Sealant, Cast Stone


Height: 7.5 Inches; Width: 3.25 Inches; Depth: 3.5 Inches


Venus of Willendorf (Inspired Statue)

This is our inspired version of The original “Venus of Willendorf, “that was first uncovered on August 7, 1908 by Josef Veram. He was ,a workman excavating at a Paleolithic archaeological site lead by Josef Szombathy., near Willendorf in Austria. The original carving has been dated at 30,000 BCE. The Venus is carved from Oolitic limestone that was tinted with red ochre and measures 4.4” Tall. She is known as a fertility earthen goddess. The original figure is located in the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

*Individually made colors and details will vary
*Each one of these inspired figures are modeled, molded, cast, painted and sealed from start to finish by hand.
*Signed and Numbered by the Artist