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$ 40.00

Elizabeth Bohn - She of the Jade Sculpture


Sand, Cement, Colorant, Paint, Sealant, Gypsummore


Height: 4 Inches; Width: 2.75 Inches; Depth: 2.75 Inches


Chalchiuhtlicue "She of the Jade Skirt" Water Goddess

This is our Inspiration of Chalchiuhtlicue, she is known as the Aztec Deity of the waters, streams, seas, rivers, storms and baptisms. The goddess of fertility and patron of childbirth. She brings fertility to crops and is a protector of women and children. The Water and the Womb are the forces of life-giving and life-ending religious practice of the Aztecs.

*Price reflects the purchase of (1) Chalchiuhtlicue Statue
*Individually made colors and details will vary
*This ancient artifact inspired figure is modeled, molded, cast, painted and sealed from start to finish by hand.
*Signed and Numbered by the Artist