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$ 4,000.00

Julio Cesar - The Fleeting Reflection

Oil painting on canvas by local Louisville artist, who originated from Cuba, Julio Cesar! Own a piece featured in his third solo show for a permanent center piece in your home! 24" x 48" x 1"

Julio Cesar takes the word "surreal" to a whole new level - his paintings come from his dreams and experiences, many of which involve his flee from Cuba to the United States. It has been a tough, but extremely important pilgrimage from Cuba to Louisville but now his entire family lives here and it is the first time they have been together in years.

This collection of Julio's most recent oil paintings is a philosophical approach to the dialogue between his memory and subconscious while looking back on his life. Julio is an "installer of realities" - creating each work into a formal, poetic vision of an illusory present. Sleepless Illusions is by far his most personal show to date and he is eager to share it with the world. 

"When I'm painting, I feel the curtains draw back to an open theater stage that is my mind. My stage begins to reveal itself with the spark of light and the crest of the shadows turn into strokes of color before I drift to sleep under a huge dark hat that is the night sky. This stage is my process where I stay perched amongst the night stars, floating in my paintings." 
- Julio Cesar