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Strawberry Mansion - Matthew McDole

Revelry Gallery presents Strawberry Mansion – an indulgence into the illustrative imagination of local artist Matthew McDole. Originally from Bedford, KY, Matthew McDole currently resides in Louisville where he is an illustrator, painter, designer, screen printer, & skateboarder. His work explores love, mystery, and macabre. His style of acrylic paint on paper & wood is often expressed as a single object or group of images reminiscent of tattoo flash pages. They are a visual story of symbolism representing emotions, memories, death or purely the musings of his mind.
“‘Strawberry Mansion is just me playing house in my head. When I was younger, my sister and I would play house. We would draw big squares on the driveway & label them “kitchen,“ or “living room”. We drew chairs & tables and we put our bikes (we called them motorcycles) in the ‘garage.’ I’m glad we did that- I’m glad I had to be creative to be entertained, & that hasn’t changed much. Except now I invite dead celebrities, horses, & hopeless romantics. It’s a mysterious place but isn’t that attractive? Come visit & let me talk at your eyes.” – Matthew McDole
Art on display through June 3rd.
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