The Future is Unwritten

We are excited to present our 4th annual Tarot themed art show opening on Saturday October 14th, 7-10pm. The show will feature individual works by over 40 artists inspired by a chosen Tarot card to accompany each piece. Expect to see a variety of aesthetics from flash to fine art in this captivating collection of originals! 

In addition to the art show, it will be a magical night with a Tarot reader to tell your fortune and a henna artist to adorn you with mystical designs. We hope you will join us for the opening! 

Exhibiting artists include:
Lyndi Lou
Julio Cesar
Harrison Fogle
Sean S8n McGlone
Joe Boyer
Steve Gatrost
Ryan Rumsey
Alex Rumsey
Adam Potts
Slim Brown
Rose Sesler
Lester Garcia
Danny Stacks
John Furse
Matt McDole
Bobby Hinkel 
Chris Waugh
Quentin Lee
Dennis Pase
Gabrielle Kays
Bri Bowers
Rich Merwath
John J Shaw
Evan Wallace
Sharon Lynn
Paul Nelson 
Jesse Fraser
Rachael Banks
Kelly Grey
Bucky Vanderburg
Greg Mosier
Rick Harlan
Byron Doty
Sean Ford
Karl Otto
Anasazi Thomas
Grant Goodwine
Will Ragland
Thomas Russell Engle
Chelsey Chapman
Ben Sears
Alex Kennedy
Irene Mudd

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