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Karl Otto

Revelry Gallery invites you to attend and transcend as we celebrate the works of local artist Karl Otto in his solo exhibit, “Transcending Duality”. Karl is known around Louisville as a local tattooer and live artist, working with his signature black & white Montana acrylic paint on birch wood panels at local charity & festival events. Karl will be live painting in the front of the boutique and demonstrating the movement of his mark during the openingWe hope you will join us in our gallery for a tranquil evening of symmetry & fluid geometry with Karl Otto!

WHO: Karl Otto

WHAT: Transending Duality

WHEN: Friday, June 8th, 7 - 10pm (closing July 9th)

WHERE: Revelry Boutique Gallery, 742 E Market Street , Louisville KY 40202


"This is a collection of intuitions and inspirations, divine sparks, gifted me when I least expected them. The subject matter is heavily influenced by my career as a Tattooer and the powerful link to ancient cultural imagery that exists therein. The marks are bold in black and white on a natural surface for maximum contrast and impact. This alludes to the cosmic dance between light and dark that permeates every facet of life as we know it." - Karl Otto

"Drawing has been a regular part of my life since childhood. Art classes were a necessity in my public education and I pursued higher education for several years before tattooing took priority as a full time career. June marks the completion of my 15th year in the field. My journey has led me to patterns, geometry, and ornament as the tools for creative expression. I enjoy old and ancient art forms invoking universal themes all souls can relate to." - Karl Otto