Revelry Gallery is debuting the first solo exhibition of local painter and muralist, WASP. His new body of work, One Thing Is Certain, builds off the artist’s roots in graffiti, featuring graphic still life paintings of house plants in bright, geometric compositions. Join us online or in person for the opening of One Thing Is Certain on Friday, May 7th from 6pm to 9pm. The show will remain on display through Monday, May 31st.
For Louisville-based painter WASP, aesthetics and design are the foundational elements of his new creative work, One Thing Is Certain. Reminiscent of the highly graphic visuals of mid-century modern design, WASP’s paintings showcase various types of houseplants arranged in flat, angular compositions and high-contrast color palettes.
Craftsmanship and control are key factors in WASP’s process, allowing him to create imagery that looks almost digitally generated. The paintings are on wooden panels that the artist crafted himself. In describing his practice, WASP states, “My process starts with photographing my house plants, or the house plants I come in contact with on a daily basis. I take the image into a digital illustration program and create the composition and color palette. Once my panel is built and primed, I project the image onto the surface to transfer the linework. From there I spend the time making sure my colors are completely opaque and solid on my paintings before clear coating and wrapping with a wooden frame.”
With roots in the graffiti world, WASP marries his love of bright, eye-catching colors and graphic linework to a more minimalist aesthetic, known for subtlety and balance. The organic shapes of the houseplants are offset by angular compositions and lines, creating a satisfyingly harmonious contrast. The artist also takes pleasure in observing the plants in different stages of life, which can influence how they are portrayed in his paintings.
The work featured in One Thing is Certain marks a new “post-graffiti” period for WASP, representing an identity shift for an artist whose background and education is deeply rooted in the world of street art.
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