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Nulu Luaua & Shop Buena Buena

Shop local vintage finds at Revelry, July 21st during Nulu Summer Luau!

Buena Buena Vintage is an online vintage boutique owned by Louisville native Leslie Rodriguez. Her Etsy shop was born on the road while Leslie toured with Nashville-based band Humming House, where she amassed a collection of vintage clothing and household goods from tour stops all over the country. In 2016 she moved back to Louisville and started selling her wares at the Flea Off Market in the hope of connecting with Louisvillians and joining the vibrant local business community. It was there that Buena Buena and Revelry collided after Leslie sold a vintage satin UofL jacket to Mo McKnight Howe. A shared affinity for vintage fashion and UofL fandom led to Buena Buena pop ups at Revelry. Leslie is on a mission to make Buena Buena Vintage a staple for Louisvillians in search of vintage from every era. At these pop ups you can find everything from 50s furs and fauxs to 90s glam, vintage UofL and UK fan gear, and outfits for any occasion. Follow Buena Buena on instagram @shopbuenabuena for pop up announcements, new inventory and special deals for pop up visitors!

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