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Bawston & Tucker Beard Tool
$ 12.00

Bawston & Tucker Beard Tool

Tame your wild mane with this stainless steel, electrostatic beard shaping tool featuring two sets of combs with a unique shape that fits comfortably into your hand, and easily into a small travel kit or gym bag. The stainless steel combs help distribute natural oils and proteins, shaping up both the look and general condition of your beard and hair. The unique shape allows you to shape your beard or goatee with ease.  An all-in-one trimming tool for your neck, cheek and jaw line and even shape your goatee with the straight edge.


Please use the images as guides only to help shape your beard. You may need to adjust tool positions based on your facial structure.

  • Tool size:  3.94in x 3.94in x 1.97in
  • Stainless steel construction