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$ 22.00

Beargrass - Daily Oil

enrich your skin, hair and beard with this organic plant oil remedy. all-in-one gender-neutral formula can be used as a:

  • moisturizing face oil
  • shave oil
  • beard softening tonic
  • restorative body oil
  • bath oil
  • massage oil
  • tattoo oil
  • scalp and hair treatment.

the natural oils won't clog pores thanks to their fatty acids, which also help regulate the skin's sebum production. 

dispensing pump releases just the right amount and keeps precious botanicals from exposure to air and moisture, unlike several brands who use dropper caps. amber bottle protects oils from sunlight exposure. 

DRENCHEDFOREST: from root to branch, raw wilderness: a blend of grass roots, moss, rich wood, aquatic vapors and herbal musk.

FLORALFOUNTAIN:  bright floral notes with energizing mint iced chai tea and evergreen nuances

EVANDER: fresh aquatic accord, bergamot, with aromatic geranium, sage and rosemary, laid on the base of patchouli and incense.