Handmade Barrel Strap Round Ball Chandelier
$ 250.00

Handmade Barrel Strap Round Ball Chandelier

Handmade bourbon strap coil light by local Louisville artist, Paul Nelson!


Paul uses a combination of old brass plumbing parts, cut and polished bourbon bottles, found objects, welded steel, antique gauges, and an Edison bulb, for atmosphere, for his light sculptures. He works with a variety of materials such as cast glass, blown glass, steel, wood, found objects, antique finds, junk yard treasures, old wheels and gears, anything that he can repurpose and give a new life or new way to be seen. Sometimes it is for practical purpose, sometimes for object making or conceptual reasons. His light sculptures are designed with Kentucky in mind - bourbon, a blue collar nod to industry, the Edison House, folk art and a creative approach to living. “I'm obsessed with "the making". The work teaches you how to make the work, and when you absorb yourself, it tells you what it wants to be. It is problem solving, inventing, creating and discovery.” His artistic influences are Marcel DuChamp, Martin Puryea, Paul Marioni, and Isamu Noguchj!

Currently, Paul Nelson is working on a man cave for a client in Philadelphia, an Einstein sculpture for a client in New Orleans, glass sculptures for a gallery in Florida, and new furniture for Revelry Boutique Gallery in Louisville!