$ 20.00

Herb Bradshaw - Frida Kahlo Can Art

Handmade textured can art by local Louisville artist, Herb Bradshaw!

5" x 7"

Herb is a self-taught recycle artist and a retired veteran. Herb's mixed media art consist of recycled beverage cans, paper & wood. Herb does embossed detail work and his technique brings his work to life with the movement of reflected light. Each piece differs in a slight variations as each is an original signed and ready to hang! Artist is also open to custom request.

"Repurposing objects into art began as a simple hobby for Herb Bradshaw but has been elevated to a triumph of expression. Herb uses soda and beer cans as his medium, cutting them up and combining them to build images. Initially, they tend to be very simple- silhouettes of commonly identifiable shapes, but they have evolved into astoundingly ornate and beautiful scenes that perhaps remind us to never take ourselves or our appreciation of art too seriously. Herb's art has been seen at Revelry Gallery, as well as Norton Commons". - Tops Louisville