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$ 20.00

Grant Goodwine - Hunter S. Thompson Print

A fun print by the talented Grant Goodwine, representing Hunter S. Thompson.

This print is 11x17in.

 "Grant Goodwine appears to me like a fever vision. With little warning and no logical explanation, he materializes in various towns and cities peppered along the middle of the United States. Each time loaded with stacks of paper and pockets full of various pens and markers. Manically, perhaps maniacally, he'll unload shaky stories of strangeness he's collected since last we met. His sketch books splattered with ink stains in the shape of myriad characters, craggly vignettes, and hilarious horrors his journeys have presented to him. Over glasses of whiskey my stories become new India ink splots in his paper museums. Phrases thrown loosely to the wind forever trapped, part of this dark Universe being created one page, one line, one ink drop at a time. Windows into his crooked world, a maze with no end. I can assure you there is nothing here but the weird, the wild and the wicked." -Kevin Incroyable