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$ 800.00

Julio Cesar - La Traiciondel Otono

Oil painting on canvas by local Louisville artist, who originated from Cuba, Julio Cesar! Own a piece featured in his third solo show for a permanent center piece in your home!

18" x 14"x 1"

Julio’s creative process is deeply internal and intuitive, bringing to light "the true secrets of the soul’s adventure, a conversation with yourself". He often paints at night, pulling narratives into his paintings from dreams and musings to combine organic forms and superrealism into meticulously painted oil masterpieces. He starts with a illustrative study of his inspiration, drafting sketches and weaving notes and quotes of his impressions and ideas onto the page.

Although his concepts are born spontaneously, each stroke is purposefully placed. The color palette is mixed to create muted colors and sepia tones that morph together to give the viewer an image reminiscent of a memory or impalpable sensory impression. He successfully does the difficult task of visually portraying the creative process - mixing the illusion of living, breathing beings with inanimate, swirling abstractions.

The images are enthralling, as if you are watching the creative process that is played on his mind transformed into a two dimensional painting on canvas. His abstractions remind us of creative energy before it has manifested into something recognizable - it is confusing, chaotic and constantly changing. Then the eye has the relief of landing on a hyperrealistic form emerging from a swirl of shape. There is no definite line between the form and the formless, the whole creative experience is brilliantly painted before your eyes.