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$ 4,800.00

Julio Cesar - The Ballerina's Nest

Oil painting on canvas by local Louisville artist, who originated from Cuba, Julio Cesar!  36" x 48"

Julio’s works are the result of his interactions with the ambiguous faces that visit him as he paints. In this show, he discovers presences that take him to another dimension and lead towards the freedom of expressing the unknown.

The imagery in this new work acts as reinterpretations of his most intimate and spiritual spaces, reflecting a symbolic language all his own.

“I am dedicated to giving life to blank canvases waiting to breathe. In each brushstroke or touch of color, I write an imaginary script as each impression emerges spontaneously. Every piece is an immersive experience in my own creative theater, as my paintings grow from the simple to the wonderful. And so I continue my epic journey...awake in time, holding that illuminated sky that covers me with daydreams." - Julio Cesar