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Kevin Janes - Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor
$ 25.00

Kevin Janes - Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor

Reclaimed wood wall decor is handmade by local Louisville artist, Kevin Janes!

Dimensions is 5" x 5".

Whenever possible, he tries to use materials directly from this landscape, be it Ohio River driftwood, downed branches from his yard, or milled woods from a local sawmill that sustainably harvests timber in the region. He finds good use for repurposed/reclaimed wood as well as scraps. He prefers a minimalist approach to his work - rustic, yet modern, designs - with clean lines and tidy use of space

“I love the idea of a "sense of place" that's so central to the work of my favorite authors, Wendell Berry and John Steinbeck. I try to create my own sense of place by looking to the landscape of my native Kentucky and surrounding Ohio River Valley area, seeking to exemplify the natural beauty of the rolling hills, pastures and forests that are part of the fabric of life in my corner of the world. .

He uses only un-treated wood and make his own natural wood stains from vinegars - white, cider and balsamic - with the occasional bit of acrylic paint. Then he finishes pieces with an all-natural tung and citrus oil for a protective matte finish. All his pieces are non-toxic and carry no harmful VOCs.