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$ 450.00

Liz Richter - SUBTEXT

Material: Velvet, costume jewelry, yarn, cardboard

Size: 34” x 30”

 This work started with the material: costume jewelry I have accumulated over my adult life.  Much came from my Granny, a feisty, mid-century mix of Scarlett O’Hara and Dolly Parton with a flair for bold colors and gaudy embellishments. Many are my own; tacky things bought from thrift stores or from the mall where I worked as a teen.  They were used, loved, lived in and abandoned once the style changed. Having built my current work around murals and large-scale works, textiles and beadwork are a reversion to “traditional” feminine art making materials in an approach I call Aggressively Feminine Maximalism.  The text “WORTH/LESS” refers to the wage gap between male and female (which is replicated in the arts).   Women still make only 79 cents for every dollar a male counterpart makes.  This work questions the way we value artists and women, especially as they age.