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Monica Stewart - The Nixie of the Pond

Handmade paper cut art by local Louisville artist, Monica Stewart!

18.5" x 19"

Another Grimm tale of parental promises gone awry, the Nixie of the Mill Pond begins when a miller is approached by a beautiful water nixie that lives in his pond. She promises him endless wealth in return for his promise of whatever has just been born in his house. He agrees with glee and runs home to tell his wife who has just given birth to their son. The miller tries to protect his son, warning him never to go near the millpond. But people can be careless, and the boy grows up to be huntsman. One day, in the frenzy of the chase, he finds himself at the dreaded millpond, and the nixie retrieves what was promised to her, and down into the water he goes. It’s up to his sweetheart to save him, but what becomes of the nixie?

Monica Stewart is a multimedia artist working primarily with paper. She received her BFA with an emphasis painting from Murray State University and is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Louisville. 

"My work in paper cutting is often influenced by fairy tales and folk stories, as stock characters and archetypes lend themselves to silhouettes. While I draw an image on the back of the paper, I am never quite sure how it will translate when turned the right way round. I feel like each cut relates to the next cut in order to give the viewer a new detail to investigate that will add to the overarching tone of the piece, and ultimately, the telling of the tale."