Bobby Hinkel - Quadrant
$ 225.00

Bobby Hinkel - Quadrant

"Quadrant" is handmade from recycled pallet wood by local Louisville artist, Bobby Hinkel!

17" x 17" x 2"

“I grew up in the Portland area, that’s where I started woodworking,” said Hinkel. “I was 8 years old, (and my dad)  set me loose with a jigsaw, and I just started cutting out different shapes, making napkin holders and, you know, book ends, stuff like that.” Hinkel got an early taste of what would eventually become up-cycling. “

At work, they used to throw away a lot of pallets,” he explained. “Some of them were probably re-usable, but they threw away a whole lot of wood. It was free wood, you know.” As he considered the work he wanted to do, he took a page from his father’s book and used wood nobody else wanted.

Hinkel has a bluff and unpretentious way of describing his art. He said his main influences are the rest of the artists in the Louisville scene. “I get inspired by local artists, just trying to be on their level.” He also gets inspiration from street art and tattoos he sees.

Quotes derived from an interview by Eli Keel with Insider Louisville: