S.N. Parks - 012

Stephanie Parks

Chemigram print on aluminum by Hite Art Institute student Stephanie Parks!

6" x 25"

"My process, identified as photography, utilizes painterly sensibilities, mark making, and textural depth – blurring the lines of discipline by resisting categorization, making the work unintelligible from any one disciplinary frame."

Chemigrams are prints made on traditional darkroom papers where one builds up a series of resists. These resists prevent developer and fixer from carrying out their tasks (to darken and lighten respectively), and allow the light to expose the paper once the resists are pulled away. 

"In shuffling prints between chemical baths, and being unaware of the reaction of certain resists and how the movement will shift things on the paper, the outcome is completely unpredictable."

Collections: Art

Type: Unknown Type

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