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Bourbon Toss Game
$ 30.00

Bourbon Toss Game

Looking for the perfect Kentucky-inspired game?! Our Bourbon Toss DIY sets are made from bourbon barrels and is ready to be installed in your home for endless fun!

Each Bourbon Toss comes with instructions and a hanging kit.

Step 1: Pour yourself a bourbon.

Step 2: Screw the open hook into the center hole of the game board.

Step 3: Attach your game board to a wall using the screws. The board should be between 48”-60” from the floor.

Step 4: Screw the eyehook into the ceiling 3-5 feet from the wall.

Step 5: Tie the ring to one end of the string and hang the ring on the open hook.

Step 6: Thread the other end of the string through the eyehook and pull until the string starts to pick up the ring while on the open hook. Tie the string to the eyehook 

Step 7: Unhook the ring and move it around to make sure it can land on the hook. Make sure the string is taught, just like if it was tossed. PLAY!

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