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Carolyn Spears - Bourbon Wrap Glasses
Carolyn Spears - Bourbon Wrap Glasses
$ 40.00

Carolyn Spears - Bourbon Wrap Glasses

Handblown rocks glasses with a 'bourbon glaze' by local Louisville artist, Carolyn Spears!


Anna Gregory

Anna Gregory is a central Kentucky based maker that focuses on furniture, interiors, and commisioned art pieces. In a full service woodshop, that was once a hay barn, located on her parent's 12 acre property, she works as a full time designer and woodworker.

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart is primarily a ceramic artist who has taken on the challenge of using her tedious pattern work not only on porcelain pottery but also on large scale panels. "The patterns I use are representative of the world I see around me. Everything from fashion, texting, female body issues, southwest symbols, and the outdoors inspire my work."      

Ewa Perz

"I am always fascinated by the colors of the sea. They are always changing, influenced by the quality of the light and how the light is transmitted, scattered, reflected or absorbed by components of the water. I use water as a main subject or  as a background but each time I want to evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, energy or just calm and serenity." - Ewa Perz

Alyson Thiel

“As a painter, I find that making paper flowers is a great way to satisfy my love of texture, color, shape and line. Although I love replicating flowers that you can find in nature, I really enjoy creating things that I want to see in the world.” - Alyson Thiel 

Bobby Hinkel

Hinkel revitalizes rough, obtuse materials by turning them into pleasing patterns that harmonize into colorful, balanced compositions. Every crack, surface, texture and saw mark is maintained in each unique piece.

Melissa Crase

Melissa Crase is a Kentucky artist whose love of equine shows in her incredible work. Originally from Pennsylvania, Melissa came to Kentucky  to attend UK, and has called Kentucky her home since. She currently resides in Madison County with her husband and daughter, and calls Winchester the "home to her studio."

Joshua Jenkins

"Much of my work is figuratively representational through an expressive and abstract medium. My forms are distorted and at times can seem like disfigured scribbles of a body. I use this disruptive and freeform line as a reference to the influence from the Expressionist movement and also acknowledging the energy of street artists." - Joshua Jenkins

David Nichols

"Having collected license plates since I was a kid, my appreciation for them has grown from an intriguing utilitarian item to an innovative artistic medium.'' - David Nichols

Paul Reynolds

"My work is a collage of a million tiny dots; my pen nib is little bigger than a human hair. The technique is often called Pointillism or Stippling. I use color variation and distance between dots to create light and shadows."

Julio Cesar

This collection of Julio's most recent oil paintings is a philosophical approach to the dialogue between his memory and subconscious while looking back on his life. Julio is an "installer of realities" - creating each work into a formal, poetic vision of an illusory present. 

Erik Orr

Before moving to Louisville in 2007, Erik grew up in the Washington D.C. area where he studied art and graphic design at George Mason University. He has been a practicing graphic designer since relocating. The influence graphic design has had in his paintings is undeniable as rows of organic lines combine to create stunning images.

Matt McDole

Matt makes personal, observational paintings compositionally influenced by tattoo shop flash sheets, skateboard culture, and a preoccupation of death that developed during his youth as a child of Southern Baptist parents. 

Bri Bowers

Bri is an artist and illustrator based in Louisville, Kentucky. She moved to Louisville in 2012 from New York City where she studied Illustration at Parsons: The New School for Design. She is now the Gallery Director at Revelry Boutique Gallery where she also sells her own artwork.

Maya Griffin

Maya was born in a small town in Northern California and went to college at University of California in Santa Cruz to study Art and Physics. After returning home from a travel break in Europe, she ran a street art gallery for three years in San Francisco and then moved to Louisville. Here in Louisville she is a manager at Revelry Boutique Gallery where she also sells her own art and jewelry. 

Ryan Metro

"A back ground in Architectural Sheet Metal trade, I was always drawn into being able to create something cool to look at and serve a function. Working with copper on most jobs got me familiar with the material and made me curious about it in other ways then seeing it on a roof." - Ryan Metro