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Short Cuts & Paper Tales

Exhibit opens Friday, May 11th.

Revelry Gallery welcomes Monica Stewart for her first ever solo show featuring intricate and narrative paper cuts. This whimsical collection of magical paper cuts invites you into a fairytale world. The subject of each piece is just as impressive as the skill it took Monica to create these paper folk fantasies. We are thrilled to introduce this young artist to the world and are sure this will be her first of many successful and inventive shows.

“In my work, I explore the relationships between narrative and object. Fairy tales and folk art traditions influence my work in paper cutting, as stock characters, archetypes, and bold motifs lend themselves to silhouettes. By cutting, rearranging, and embellishing, I create works that enter the realm of objects. Made with a specific use or magical intention, these new items invite viewers to imagine their potential use or function. Like an impossible task made possible, or an unwanted gift bestowed, they make allusions to a wider story, while also taking on a life of their own.” - Monica Stewart